Blackjack Books

Great Books that can Used as Help

Blackjack: The Real Deal written by J. Phillip Vogel is extremely informative. It is great for a rookie. The book has a section on card counting. Card counting is an important aspect for any novice. The author also delves into subjects of casino etiquettes and money management apart from telling other things and telling about Blackjack origins.

John Patrick's Blackjack written by John Patrick is yet another good resource. It is easy to read and a layman can understand it without any problem. The book tells how to handle your money in casino.

'Million Dollar Blackjack' written by Ken Uston is a book on counting cards. The book tells 5 different levels of strategy. The book is interesting as it includes some of author's personal experiences. Based on these, he also advices players to play blackjack.

'The Most Powerful Blackjack Manual' written by Jay Moore is a book that speaks of experience. Truly the author has 25 years of experience and deals with basic to professional level strategy in a simple manner.

'The Theory of Blackjack' by Peter A. Griffin is a book based on mathematical logic of the game. The book talks about blackjack strategy and also about counting cards techniques.

'Turning the Tables on Las Vegas' written by Ian Andersen is a great resource that also tells you about how to count cards. The info in the book is out-dated but still the basics are the same.

'Winning at Blackjack' written by Bryan Evans is targeted for beginners. It tells about the basic strategy that a novice should take. It is kind of a tutorial and doesn't get into any story-telling, but it also contains some info on blackjack bonus.

Edwin Silberstang's 'Winning Blackjack for the Serious Player' is a great book for the rookies. It contains many rule variations that exist in different casinos.

'Winning Casino Blackjack for the Non-Counter' is written by Avery Cardoza. This book talks about blackjack strategies in detail. It also has charts which are explained in an easy language. You can remember them easily.

Lance Humble has written 'The World's Greatest Blackjack Book'. The book contains many tables and charts and explains the game in an easy manner. It is a great book for professional players as well as the beginners.

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