Blackjack Cheatsheet

Sitting without a clue on Table

In a situation when your dealer has 4 while you already have a 12 and you ask for a hit. In case you get a 10, you are out of the game. But the dilemma is that 12 is a number that is potential enough to make you win. Are you even thinking about the blackjack books you read yesterday night before coming here to play?

Handy Cheat Sheet

In order to put you on a fast track, we have got this cheat sheet for you. It is downloadable and printable. So whenever you enter a casino or try Internet blackjack, you are exuding with confidence.

More Help in terms of Definitions

Apart from the cheat sheet, we also have a plethora of definitions that can help you start with the cheat sheet.


If you find 'D' in the table, it means you have to Double Down. This means that you can double your bet and in the exchange you get one more card. However remember that after Doubling Down you can't hit again.


Hit means that you ask the dealer to give you another card. So if you see an 'H' in the sheet, it means you should ask for a hit.


Split means that if you want to separate your cards to have two hands, you can do so and then receive an extra card. The two hands that you have formed now will be played separately with the dealer.


Stand means that you don't need any more cards now. If you see 'S' in the cheat sheet's square, then go for a stand.


Surrendering is when you feel that you will not win. In blackjack when you surrender you give up even before the dealer gets a chance to defeat you. This way you get at least half of your bet. So if you see 'SU' in the cheat sheet, it means it is time to surrender.

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